January 26, 2020

NACE Arts Competition 2019

Just a quick throwback to last year, December 2019, when we received the great news about the winning prize for the painting category Age 11-14: Dreams, from our student  Livia M. van Amerongen, from Year 9A. What an amazing self-portrait by Livia named “Dreams”, the theme for the competition this past year!

We would love to share the names and artistic works from the other participants who also shown their brilliant art skills and a link to the video category, created by Rapphael Fox in Year5C.

We feel very proud of ours students and teachers and would love to thank you all for taking part in this Globeducate (Nace 2019) big event!

Pic 1. Livia M. van Amerongen, Y9A (Painting)

Pic 2. Molly Mc Pollin, Y1 (Painting)

Pic 3. Adriana Amador, Y5 (Poetry)

Pic 4. Zyan Pires Ferreira, Y2 (Sculpture)

Pics 5&6. Margarida Ferreira, Y11 (Creative Writing)

Pic 7. Rui Bernardo Y12 (Photography)


We are pleased to share with you the artworks of all the winners of the NACE Arts Competition (Nobel) 2019!Congratulations to these students who submitted great artworks and creative writing pieces that are inspirational.🙏👩‍🎨👨‍🎨Parabéns aos nossos artistas que apresentaram as suas obras para a competiçao NACE Arts Competition (Nobel) 2019. #globeducate #shapingtheworld #internationaleducation #personalisedlearning

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