International Secondary School

Our International Secondary School programme encourages initiative, supports individualised academic growth, and helps our students build character, confidence, and cross-cultural sensitivity.

Nobel Algarve’s International Secondary School is divided into two sections: Middle School for students aged 11 to 13, and Senior School for ages 14 to 17, where the curriculum focuses on preparing students for GCSEs and A Levels in a broad range of subjects.

What makes our Secondary School unique:

  • Core curricular subjects are supported with a variety of supplementary subjects that provide our students with excellent academic and personal growth opportunities.
  • Learning and campus life are enriched by our World Topic, Discovery.
  • Our project-based learning approach enhances skills through student-driven projects that emphasise teamwork, problem solving, and reflection.
  • Students can take part in cross-cultural learning exchange within their peers across the Nobel Education Network.

Middle School (Years 7-9)

Middle School students divide their learning day across the four core subjects: English, Mathematics, Science and Portuguese, along with German, French, Geography, History, Art, Information Technology, Design Technology and Physical Education.


All students in Years 7 to 11 are provided with a Personal Planner, which also serves as a homework diary. In Year 7, students typically have two assignments of 20 minutes each per night. The load increases substantially each year. The overall homework load at different levels is constantly monitored and reviewed, to ensure that the nature and number of assignments is appropriate.

Senior School (Years 10-13)

In Years 10 and 11, students prepare for Cambridge and Edexcel GCSE examinations in a variety of compulsory and optional subjects. In addition to compulsory subjects, students can choose from a broad range of additional courses. Please contact the admissions department to learn more about course offerings.

The curriculum in Years 12-13 embraces the British AS and A Level programme, offering a wide range of academic subjects. Students are supported in their choices by their class tutor and subject teachers. Typically, two to four AS subjects are studied in Year 12, and two to three A Level subjects are studied in Year 13.
Students are also guided through their university and career choices prior to graduation so that they are well prepared to make informed decisions about their futures.