The Boarding Experience

Boarding activities during the week include:

  • Homework and study support
  • In-house recreation activities: reading corner, library, board and card games, table tennis, table soccer, pool table, air hockey table, arts and crafts, boarding lounge with home entertainment
  • Outdoor sports: running, swimming, yoga, bicycling, paddle boarding, surfing

Outside of the regular school week, we encourage boarding students to take part in physical activity, fun and entertainment, cultural enrichment, social education and team building.

  • Our beautiful green campus is particularly suitable for outdoor sports and games.
  • We overlook a beautiful beach that offers a variety of outdoor activities, including beach volleyball, football and ocean swimming.
  • On weekends and short holidays, our boarding staff organise excursions off campus.
  • Students can go bowling, visit historical towns, and enjoy outings to the cinema and concerts.