Boarding Philosophy

Nobel International School Algarve’s boarding programme offers students the opportunity to live near the main school campus in comfortable, secure, gender-separate facilities. Boarding enables students to safely experience a level of freedom, to develop skills for independent living and decision making, to manage their money, and to learn to work as a team and to make new friends from all over the world.

  • Nobel Algarve welcomes students from around the world, from Eastern Europe and Russia, to China, Korea and Japan, from Brazil and Argentina to Angola and Mozambique.
  • Full-term and flexible weekly boarding options are available to meet the needs of your family.
  • High-quality accommodation ensures students are safe, comfortable and provided with all the amenities they require as teenagers.
  • Our school is located in a safe seaside town with clean air and water, and all boarding facilities are secure and supervised by dedicated staff.
  • Organised activities and recreational facilities engage students during their free time and allow the pursuit of personal interests.

Boarding in the unique setting of Nobel Algarve provides a common experience, promotes camaraderie and trust between children and adults, and gives our students the opportunity to develop confidence and and build life-long friendships.

Students may apply to the boarding programme from ages 12 (Year 8/ 7º ano) to 18. We offer termly and weekly, and sporadic boarding options. For more information about boarding, please contact our Admissions team.