All pupils at our Lagos bi-lingual primary school follow the British National Curriculum, from Key Stage 1 to 2, which prepares them for the transition to Key Stage 3 in Year 7 when they have the choice of moving to our senior international or national school at Lagoa.

Pupils follow all lessons with their class teacher but have the following specialist lessons:


Sport and exercise is recognised as essential at Nobel International School Algarve to encourage children to develop a positive attitude towards fitness and also the values gained in team sports. Twice weekly, a specialist PE Teacher delivers a PE programme at our Lagos primary school that includes gymnastics, football, rugby, basketball, rounders and fitness games. Depending on pupil numbers and parental choice to cover transport costs, some years there is the option of swimming lessons led by a qualified swimming teacher.


Children at our Lagos primary school have one class music lesson per week and are taught by a music specialist. There is also the opportunity to pay for additional instrumental lessons through a bespoke music programme, during school hours. The annual Nativity Play brings the children together in song as well, with some extra opportunities to play instruments.

Portuguese Lessons

Portuguese lessons are incorporated into the curriculum, plus the opportunity for Portuguese after school club. The main curriculum is all taught in English but in play and social time, teachers encourage children to interact in both languages.