Lagoa Short Film Festival – Origin

Our students have been demonstrating an increasing interest in producing and handling video images and, therefore, we felt the need to create an event where students could show their movie skills to the local community.
Hence, Nobel International School Algarve has decided to host a film festival for this purpose.
This is the essence of the Lagoa Short Film Festival.


This project is intended to draw the attention to film production as well as students creating their own soundtrack.
The Short Films Festival is aimed at group work and the most creative films will be shown at the Festival.
Therefore, Nobel International School Algarve invites all schools in the Algarve (public and private) to take part in this project by sending their student’s short films.


Students must belong to a school group and compete as a team. The Festival will not only show but also evaluate the short films.
Students must be studying in Years 7 to 13 and the best short films will be selected and judged by a panel of judges. The members of the panel will be formed by distinguished members of the Algarve community. Prizes will be given to different categories.

Date and Venue

The Lagoa Short Film Festival 2018 will take place in the “Auditório Municipal de Lagoa” on 4th of May.


  • The short films should be no longer than 360 seconds (no more than 6 minutes);
  • All short films must follow the theme “Discovery”;
  • Students must compete as a team with five members maximum;
  • Every team must have a designated teacher who will be responsible for sending the short films and for contact;
  • The final date to submit the short films is 30th of April 2018;
  • Every short film must have a title and credits;
  • The short films must be sent in one of the following formats: AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV or MPG;
  • The short films can be sent to either Nobel International School Algarve’s dropbox or to or on a CD-ROM;
  • Every group participating automatically gives the rights to the film to be shown at the Festival.


Address: Barros Brancos EN 125 8400 Lagoa
Telephone number: 282 342 547
Mobile number: 912 750 562