World Topic

At Nobel International School Algarve, the theme of Discovery – reflecting Portugal’s long history of exploration – enriches every aspect of the learning experience.

Celebrating the Age of Exploration

Many of the world’s most notable explorers set sail from the coasts of Portugal, including Fernão de Magalhães (Ferdinand Magellan), Vasco da Gama, Bartolomeu Dias and Infante D. Henrique (Henry the Navigator). The Algarve was an especially important region during the Age of Exploration. Prince Henry the Navigator established his exploration school at Sagres, and ships were built in and launched from Lagos.

These pioneering explorers embodied many of the skills and traits now considered essential for success in the 21st Century: creativity, curiosity, inquiry, risk-taking, entrepreneurship and cross-cultural communication.
Nobel Algarve celebrates this tradition and fosters these essential skills in our students by integrating the spirit of Discovery into every aspect of our programme.

Discovery at Nobel Algarve

Discovery is the highly personalised process of exploration that enables a student to construct new meaning or modify their existing understanding through inquiry, experimentation and reflection. At Nobel Algarve, we foster Discovery through academics, extra-curricular programmes, community engagement, and interactions across globe.

Students experience this spirit of Discovery as we:

  • Cultivate understanding of the importance of the Algarve and Portugal in early voyages of Discovery
  • Engage in community activities that allow students to discover the world and their place within it
  • Integrate the national and international sections of our school
  • Participate in cross-cultural academic and social projects with other schools around the world
  • Offer the Prémio Infante D. Henrique (Duke of Edinburgh Award) that includes orienteering adventures, community service, outdoor exercise and skills enhancement
  • Deliver enriching workshops and activities, such as integrated science activities, field trips, seminars on topical issues, sports days and an on-site organic gardening
  • Provide a holistic boarding programme that underlines both adventure and social-emotional growth
  • Develop our pastoral programme to emphasise adventure through field trips and outdoor activities

Discovery is so integral to the learning experience at Nobel Algarve, that it has been officially recognised as the school’s Projecto Educativo de Escola (School Academic Project) by the Portuguese Ministry of Education.