March 23, 2021

2021 Easter Bonnet Parade

It’s Easter Bonnet time! Easter is just around the corner and in-keeping with tradition, Nobel Algarve has challenged its primary students to come up with their fanciest Easter Bonnet for their annual (and this year socially-distanced) Primary Parade. By tradition, an Easter bonnet is any new or fancy hat worn as a Christian head-covering on Easter. It represents the tradition of wearing new clothes at Easter, in harmony with the renewal of the year and the promise of spiritual renewal and redemption. On the last day of term before the Easter break, Nobel Algarve’s annual Easter Bonnet Parade took place at both campuses for all the pre-school and primary school children, who returned to school mid-March. Some amazing creations were on show in the parade, which occupied the entire morning. After the parade, there was a competition to choose the best hats. This year the bonnets followed an environmentally-friendly theme, as part of Eco Week activities, and the brief was definitely smashed!

The winners were:

Nobel Algarve Lagoa – International Section: Year 1 – Alice Farias; Year 2 – Carolina Henriques; Year 3 – Jayden Harland; Year 4 – Kaia Brazona; Year 5 – Luuk Klinkhamer; Year 6A – Ava Silva; Year 6B – Joint winners: Francisca Santos and Zofia Delezuch.

Nobel Algarve Lagoa – National Section:  1º ano Rafael Daniel; 2ºa Carlota Tomé; 2ºb Eva Sousa; 3ºa Eva Silva; 3ºb Lola Parker; 4ºa Júlia Braz; 4º b Sancha Carreira.

Nobel Algarve Almancil – Ashton Everest (Y5), Jacob Standen (Y4), Nikola Farina (Y4).