May 10, 2018

70th Anniversary of World Health Day Marked by 2nd Health Week at Nobel Algarve

In April, Nobel International School marked the 70th World Health Organisation (WHO) World Health Day with our second edition of Health Week. The school welcomed partners from Hosptial Particular do Algarve, Porches Pharmacy and the Association of Blood Donors of Windward. Health Week took place between 16th and 23rd April.

Health Week at Nobel International School involved a blood donor program, in which 30 people from the school community donated blood. Each donation has the potential to save the life of up to four people and we were happy to work with Blood Donors and Barlavento Association.

Members of Geral, the School catering company, attended a talk on Allergies by Dr Pedro Silva – he talked about various types of food allergies and how to manage them. He also talked to senior Biology students in the national section about this subject, demystifying certain beliefs.

Teachers attended a lecture on Voice Care by Dr Ana Gonçalves, Speech Therapist, where she presented on how we produce voice and beneficial and detrimental factors that affect voice function, as well as tips on good breathing, vocal warm-ups and warning signs of problems that may develop.

Physiotherapist Joana Pacheco, also from the HPA, gave the senior students in 6º and 7º ano the opportunity to learn about posture care. Students became aware of the importance of maintaining a properly aligned posture, avoiding harmful pressure on the spine from poor posture. Students also learned some tips about balancing the weight of their backpacks.

School Nurse, Filipa Magalhães explained: “Nobel International School Algarve is committed to educating pupils and staff about the prevention of problems that can affect teaching and learning processes and to allow for early identification of difficulties with hearing and sight. In light of this, we also wanted to give our youngest pupils in Reception up to Year 2, a free hearing screening.

“Our Nursing Office also provided collection containers for old X-rays and expired drugs for the entire week.

The X-rays will be donated to AMI (International Medical Assistance) that will properly recycle the material, avoiding products harmful to the balance of the Planet. The silver extracted in the course of the process will help this institution to finance its continuous efforts, while empty containers and medicines whose validity has expired have been donated to Valormed.

The Nursing Office of the Nobel International School Algarve, wants to express its sincere thanks to all its partners and those involved, who have made this week a true “Healthy Success”.