February 22, 2019

Art Workshop for 1º Ano with Sol Muniain

Children from both 1º national section had a wonderful afternoon of communal art work with parent and artist Sol Muniain last week.

“I used to run an art cooperative in Vejer de la Frontera (Spain), where we used to live. In exchange for an incredible exhibition space in the medieval Vejer castle, ceded to us by Vejer council, we would organise free art workshops for adults and children. This workshop was one of our most popular!

“In the workshop we start off by drawing the outline of each person, and they write their name. Once everyone has had a turn, we pick out interesting shapes from all the overlaps, and fill them in, but only in one of the primary colours, or black. The mural then takes on an organic life of its own as everyone comes together to create a wonderful mass of bright colours! The result is very impactful, and the children are always very proud of their work of art, created as a team. It is a beautiful shared experience, and a very personal one too – as each child literally forms part of the picture!

“The objective of the workshop is primarily to have fun with paint, working together as a team. I always make sure I have music on to create a fun and exciting atmosphere. It is also highly empowering for children to see how it all comes together at the end. Another objective is to demonstrate how sometimes, fewer colours can achieve even more impact. Before starting the workshop we showed the children a painting by Mondrian, who famously only used primary colours.

“I think it is important to give the children an opportunity to be in a creative environment where they work together as a team – creativity (encompassing art, music and drama) is, in my view, the future, and it is just as important for personal development as academia. It is when we are creative that we learn to solve problems and take initiative. It is also incredibly liberating to paint – and learn that mistakes are important in life! Many artists embrace mistakes – because often mistakes can teach you so much and lead to innovation. A very important lesson for our children!”