September 27, 2018

Bonn Particle Physics Show

A Level physics students from Nobel International School Algarve attended the Bonn Particle Physics show in Lisbon on Wednesday 19th September.

The live, interactive show, which came to Lisbon as part of a European tour, was a wonderful opportunity for our senior Physics students to be introduced to particle physics which is part of their examination syllabus.

Students observed 28 live demonstration experiments which were presented live, with photos and technical details. The theme is set up as a quest, where two students from Bonn travel back in time to understand the fundamental nature of matter. They visit Rutherford and Geiger in Manchester around 1911, who recount their famous experiment on the nucleus and show how particle detectors work. They travel forward in time to meet Lawrence at Berkeley around 1950, teaching them about the how and why of accelerators. Next, they visit Wu at DESY, Hamburg, around 1980, who explains the strong force. They end up in the LHC tunnel at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland in 2012. Two scientists tell them about colliders and our heroes watch live as the Higgs boson is produced and decays. The show was presented at Oxford University and University College London, as well as Padua University and ICTP Trieste before arriving in Lisbon.

Jasmine Wragg, Year 13, said “The show was really interesting with lots of different students coming to see it.  It presented complicated topics of physics in a very humorous and understanding way – with the Physics facts being backed up by an intriguing story line.

Lucas Lopes, Year 13, our aspiring astro-physicist, said: “I personally think that the presentation of the Bonn Particle Physics show was outstanding, how they linked so many different experiments and theories about particle physics in such an awe inspiring and eye catching way in such a short period of time. They truly made a link between science and the viewers. I now want to study physics even more – it opened my eyes to how much we can learn about our surrounding that we cannot see directly on a daily basis.”