September 11, 2018

Carolina Speeds into International Limelight: World Championships Success

Ex Nobel Algarve Student Carolina Ferreira achieved international success at Speed Skating with the national Portuguese team. Between 5th to 8th July she competed in Arnhem, the Netherlands in the 2018 World Championships as a Junior level Ladies´ team member and she will go on to represent Portugal at the Youth Olympic Games this Autumn.

Carolina, 18, came sixth in the world championships. She says, “I also went to the European Championship’ in August and there I became Vice European Champion in the marathon race. I was also called to represent Portugal in the Youth Olympic Games, Buenos Aires, Argentina, in October.
It has been a really busy summer and then I was invited to talk on a TV show, Você na TV, to talk a little about my life in sport and about another race taking place this weekend. I started skating when I was seven years old, at the school, with Prof. Joca, and also have to thank Prof. Hugo for his help and support over the years.”

PE Teacher Hugo Pausinho said: “Carolina´s performance in the national team of Portugal is the fruit of much effort, sacrifice and love for the sport that she has been committed to for many years. It is not easy for a young woman to be able to “get away” from the pressures and distractions of teenage life and to focus on the goal of becoming better and achieving her personal goals.

“I have known Carolina for many years and taught her for six years. I remember her first steps in the sport, her first tests, first competitions, the natural nervousness of her parents every time she went to the track. I also remember the constant support she always gave to a very special friend Laura Nagiller, who also left 12º ano this year, and her constant attitude of fair play with her opponents, her smile in victories and defeats, always with a different spirit from many athletes.

“Of course, Carolina´s parents must be acknowledged; they have always accompanied her in the national and international competitions, of the many miles travelled in the country and abroad, in supporting her during the falls, the times when things did not go so well.

“As a student at Nobel International School, Carolina has always been a dedicated, hardworking, student with her well-defined goals; a friend and good colleague of everyone, always managing to combine sport with her studies and her responsibilities as a student. Surely she made a great sacrifice to achieve her school results, even with her regular absences to participate in exams abroad, and it is only through hard work and sacrifice that she achieved brilliant school results.

“A final word for all of Carolina’s teachers who were always sympathetic to her absence, helping her whenever she needed to, offering her free time whenever the student requested, in short, with the help of all, it was possible to achieve success set. In this moment of “farewell” or just a “bye for now”, I want to wish Carolina the greatest personal, professional and sporting success, that all her dreams come true and that she is very happy!”