October 2, 2019

Climate Action Demonstration at Nobel Algarve

Students from age 3 to 18 at Nobel International School came together on Friday 27th September to protest about the need for Climate Action. The event, involving students, teachers and some parents took place during a break time and was a voluntary turnout. Portugal and other countries joined this global initiative.

As an Eco-School, teachers at the international school decided to be a part of this and, with short notice, prepared an activity in which all students, staff and parents could participate. Representative teacher of Eco Schools Nuno Rodrigues said, “We were aware that some children and their families were planning to attend the Portimão demonstration but this was cancelled at short notice. Some children had already prepared banners and we decided that there was time for everyone to have the opportunity and so in lessons, before the demonstration, children had a chance to learn something about the global climate strikes. It was inspiring and reassuring to see so many of the children decide to take part in this event – it´s clear that so many of them feel very passionate about making changes to the way we live our lives.”

The international school was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by Eco Schools last year, marking the excellent work done by teachers, students and management to make a positive difference. To achieve the  Eco Status green flag, and to keep it, schools must create an Eco-Committee, An Eco Code and it must complete an Environmental Review, an Action Plan, Curriculum Work, and inform and involve the whole school community. All of this has to be monitored and evaluated on a regular basis.  In addition, the school celebrates International Day of Trees each year by planting in its extensive orchard to the rear of the main school building, and this year students approached the Head of School requesting that the school signed a commitment to not release balloons.  “Awareness is definitely growing amongst all of our pupils, even our youngest. We often hear on a Monday morning of students who have joined in with beach clean-ups. It is incredibly rewarding to be involved,” added Mr Rodrigues.