December 5, 2018

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Ceremony

Luisa de Sá Carneiro Beirão, the national director of the Award in Portugal, visited the school to give 23 of our students their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Awards. The following students were given the Award- Alicia Poston, Cameron Dent, Cláudia Gaspar, Cormac Fagan, Danielle de Sousa, Emily Fellows, Filip Gewert, Indy Griffin, Isabel Ferreira, Jack Craddock, Jasmine Wragg, Joseph Miller-Cheevers, Laiana Farias, Lucas Lopez, Maria Jordan, Max Borges, Mackenzie Burr, Melle Ouwens, Robin Last, Sasha de Groot, Sieb Enthoven, Sofia Kronendonk Horta, Sophie-Emanuelle Saraiva.

This was the culmination of a year´s hard work and determination by the students – some developed a sport, some learnt a new skill and others helped out in the community as well as all taking part in a two-day walking expedition.

Duke of Edinburgh Award lead teacher Matt Harris said, “I would like to congratulate the students on their success and thank Ms Rita Farropo and Mr Joe Walker for all their time and effort both at school and at weekends to help me support the students on this journey. I am looking forward to more students achieving their Bronze Award at the end of the year and to our first Gold Award participants finishing their course. This is a fantastic programme for the school to be involved with and we always welcome new applicants. Not only are the challenges involved hugely enriching for the students and for the life of the school, universities and employers hold the awards in high esteem.”