February 22, 2019

Football and Basketball Sports Festival Held at Nobel Algarve

Nobel International School Algarve welcomed students and staff from St Julian´s School in Lisbon on Friday 14th February for a friendly tournament of football and basketball.

Students from Year 7 to 13 made up a team of boys to compete at football and girls to compete at basketball.

The boys played football at Estádio Municipal Jesuíno da Costa em Lagoa (Estômbar) and the girls played at Nave Desportiva de Ferragudo. The visitors won both fixtures, winning 0-2 in football and 47-53 in basketball; a very close match.

Students and staff were entertained in the evening following the fixtures, with a stay over at our school boarding house in Armação de Pêra and a meal in the town.


This was our girls´ varsity team´s first competitive fixture and they played with determination and showed fantastic team spirit. The game started off with the visitors scoring quickly but Nobel Algarve came back strong and took the game back in the third quarter. St Julian´s then scored again taking the lead once again before our girls held them to a draw. With five minutes to go, St Julian´s edged ahead to win the game.

Katherine Fernandes (Year 13) captained the side having really pushed for the team´s formation, and she played a fantastic game. Martina Garcia, Year 7, played above her age range and impressed, as did Robyn Last, Year 13, with her shooting and Clara Mendes, Year 11, and Diana Lemeshko, Year 10.

A team of 10 played including:  Robin Last, Katherine Fernandes, Clara Mendes, Diana Lemeshko, Mariana Brito, Martina Garcia, Laura Bettencourt, Charlotte Richardet, Beatriz Baretto and Carolina de Lagos.

Special thanks go to Carlos Pereira, Year 12 and to Rafael Garcia, Year 9, who refereed the basketball game, to Filipp de Weerdt Year 12, Riad Alshuaibi, Year 12 and Wesley Jaesch, Year 12, who managed the table, and to Camila Bianchi, Year 13, who was our photographer.  All of the students showed great maturity and professionalism and took on important organisational.



A hard-fought game with both teams being very active and working hard during both halves. João Antonio, goalkeeper in the first half, made two fantastic saves and we saw a solid defence during this start to the game, with Jay-Jay as right back, Ivan Puskas as left back, and Joshua Bennett and Luigi Crespi as centre back.  Between them, they did not allow many chances for the visitors to score.  In Midfield we saw João Pinto, Ricardo Ribeiro and Brandon Gillespie control their area with triangular short passing and shooting on goal and although Sergio, attacking, had some clear chances to score, the St.Julian´s goalkeeper  saved every attempt. Sergio Sousa, Ricardo Correia and Vlad Lyubarov started in the attacking positions.  During the second half we gave opportunities for substitutes to play and although subs Julien Defrance, Jack Austen and Tiago Barata played well individually, our rotation of the team led to less consistency as a block. The Nobel Algarve boys played with commitment and came away having learnt some valuable lessons about playing as a team, keeping composure and striking when the time is right.

With more competitive fixtures experience, the team will surely become a force to be reckoned with but on this occasion they lost 0-2 in the final phase of the game. What we did see was some sparks of real talent and this was a good friendly fixture.

Players: João Pinto, Jack Austen, Ricardo Correia, Luigi Crespi, Brandon Gillespie, Julien Defrance, Jake Last, Lordan Eastman, Ivan Puskas, Francisco Guimarães, Sergio Sousa, Joshua Bennett, Vlad Lyubarov, João António, Sebastião Machãs, João Poupado, Jay Jay van der Velde, Miguel Gomes, Tiago Barata, Ricardo Ribeiro.