February 23, 2021

Globeducate Reads is a global success

More than 30 schools across the Globeducate group’s global network took part in the Globeducate Reads reading challenge on 12 February 2021. Thousands of students and their families from Globeducate international schools around the world devoted one whole hour to reading and sent photos in to prove it! From India in the East to Portugal and Toronto, Canada, in the West, participants, including many Nobel Algarve students, got out their favourite books, comics, magazines, and poems, and, through reading, embarked on a gripping journey of the imagination. Some decided to dress up as their favourite characters; others took their literature outside, for a spot of al fresco reading, while others read with their family or even to their pets!. The event was staged across the group’s many schools, to raise awareness about the importance of reading and ignite a passion for literature, expanding the horizons of the imagination. A statistic that formed the foundation of a global recommendation that children read for 20 minutes per day found that, by reading just twenty minutes a day, when children reach the end of Primary School, students are more likely to score much better than their peers in tests. Neuroscience provides compelling evidence that 75-90% of brain growth occurs in the first years of life.