October 14, 2020

Honours Board 2019-2020

Over 100 students of Nobel Algarve’s National Section were acknowledged for their excellent efforts during the last school year (2019/2020), having been awarded an Award of Merit.

On Wednesday, 14 October, 2020, Mr. Francisco Claro, head of the National Section, visited each class to personally present certificates to all of the top-achieving pupils, from years spanning primary to 12º ano.

These students’ names will now be displayed on the Honours Board 2019-2020 in the Lagoa Campus’s main reception for the rest of the academic year for the whole school community to see.

The Award of Merit rewards all Primary School children who finished with an above-average final grade; middle-school students who scored a final average of 5 (on a scale of one to five, rounded to the nearest units); and Secondary students whose final average was of 17 (on a scale of one to 20, rounded to the nearest units).

Well done to all the girls and boys who did exceptionally well.