April 14, 2021

LEGO® Education Pilot Project debuts in primary

WOW – what an amazing start to the LEGO® Education Pilot Project at Nobel Algarve. This week saw the first classroom use of Lego® within primary school. Miss Pacini and her Y5 superstars were first to use the Lego® robots and tablets to explore programming, engineering and problem-solving. To further inspire the younger students, lead learners / STEAM mentors from Y10 gave an INCREDIBLE demonstration on what is possible. Danila showcased his Lego® robot that was built to solve a Rubik’s cube. This was solved in under two minutes and was only possible with some outstanding building and programming. The Y5 students’ ideas were amazing, but the staff were blown away by this incredible feat of engineering. What was also very special is that Danila has a younger brother, Ivan, in Y5. Great to see older siblings teaching younger family members. Miss Pacini is passionate about delivering a new, varied, curriculum to her students using Lego® as a driving force for powerful teaching and learning episodes. Over the coming days and weeks, Y4 and Y6 will be getting their engineering brains ticking with the help of Lego®. To further enhance this culture of STEAM-based learning, BBC Micro:bit will be introduced to the students by Miss Pacini to enable them to integrate data sources. The primary team have been absolutely incredible with their with passion to enhance learning in their classrooms. This is a truly wonderful addition to Nobel Algarve and will continue to create core links in STEAM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) learning and the close collaboration between staff.