June 22, 2018

Musical Showcase from The Instrumental Programme

Young musicians at Nobel International School Algarve came together for a wonderful end-of-year celebration of progress in a twilight concert held at the school on Tuesday, the 19th of June, for children aged 4 to 18, from both national and international sections of the school.

A programme presenting around 30 performances from a wide range of ages and abilities introduced pieces on piano, violin, guitar, flute, recorder, triangle, maracas, drums and voice. The diversity in musical styles ranged from Baroque with Bach to Rock with AC/DC, and took us from traditional themes such as “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and “Greensleeves” to modern songs such as “Lights Down Low” and “Sweet Child of Mine”. Some of the school’s youngest musicians took to the stage for the first time and the evening´s finale was Year 13 student Laura singing and playing guitar. Other highlights were the rock band set and the resilience and determination shown by one of our pianists who was determined to overcome some performance nerves.

Head of School Mike Farrer thanked music teachers Ms Susan Hammond, Ms Grace Borgan, Ms Cristiana Silva, Mr Pedro Sá and Mr Fernando Teixeira.

He said, “We were treated to a wonderful mixture of classical, pop and rock, and it is fantastic to see how music is growing at the school. As an ACDC fan, it was great to hear the rockband play!”

At the end of the concert, the music teachers of the Instrumental Programme congratulated the students for their success and showed their appreciation to the school and all the families present for their support throughout the school year.

This event followed the Barnyard Evening and the Christmas Carol Concert which took place earlier in the academic year, and we look forward to more opportunities to hear our young musicians showcase their talents and hard work.  We know that learning a musical instrument can aid learning, build confidence and teach resilience and discipline, and there is no doubt of the value music adds to the school experience.

For more information about the Instrumental Programme, please visit www.instrumentalprogramme.com .