May 22, 2019

NACE Model United Nations Conference

Between April 8th and April 11th, Pupils of Nobel International School Algarve participated in the Nace Model United Nations Conference in Madrid, Spain. Our selection of National and International pupils were equal parts well prepared and nervous, entering their first ever MUN event.  Despite this being our initial participation in such a setting, Nobel pupil interaction on the campus of the European University of Madrid was nothing shy of stellar, and deserving of positive commendation.


The Event

Interestingly, this Model United Nations Conference, hosted by Agora International School of Madrid, included the participation of 13 different schools, and over 100 delegates, organizers and nationalities.  The topics for this MUN event included: Plant Based Dietary issues; Urban Transportation and Congestion themes; Gender Equality and Modern Consumerism debate. Happily, our Nobel MUN team enjoyed a number of concrete successes over our 4 days of international collaboration. Two successful position papers were passed on the first day by Nobel participants, including Laura da Silva and Margarida Ferreira, passing a position paper on gender equality; also, João Silva, Harry Doyle and Adrien Nagel passing a Plant Based Diet position paper. During our 3rd day of the event at the European University Campus, Adrien Nagel, representing the delegation of Lebanon, proposed a Plant Based Diet amendment to a formal UN resolution.  His amendment was both supported and passed.  These highlights served as affirmation of our quality, based on months of preparation by the entire Nobel MUN team.


The Participants and Contributors

Nobel School would like to recognize, congratulate and thank our Model United Nations Team for their contributions, in preparation for and including the event itself:


Professor Pedro Carvalho

Mr. Dow

Harry Doyle

Laura da Silva

Madalena Silva e Cunha

Amber Handley

Adrien Nagel

João Silva

Margarida Ferreira

Chase Taggart

Carmen Soukup

Noah Halbritter

Carlota Apolonia



We would also like to thank to the following groups and individuals.

Firstly, we would like to thank our excellent Parent body, for supporting this new initiative throughout several months of preparatory work.  Without parent support, this important pilot project would not have gotten off the ground. We would also like to thank the Nace Schools Group and Agora International School, for their organization of and contributions to such a fantastic initiative.  We would finally like to thank the Nobel School administration, for sponsoring our participation in this event.  Mr. Farrer, Ms. Tome and Ms. Lourenço and were instrumental in providing the framework with which to build our first Model United Nations international participation.  For this, our Nobel MUN team would like to thank you all.


In summation, Nobel International School Algarve looks forward to building on this success with expanded MUN participation during the 2019-20 academic year.  We will begin in earnest, during September 2019, in preparation for what will certainly be future successes at subsequent Model United Nations events. This Madrid participation was a small beginning for what will become a regularity of cross-cultural understanding and empathic research and debate at Nobel International School, Algarve.