July 16, 2019

NACE Schools Olympic Games- Vigo

A cultural and sporting exchange, involving 12 students from Nobel International School Algarve, took place at O Castro British School in Vigo, Spain.

The 7th NACE Schools Olympic Games, held between 10th to 14th June at O Castro British School in Vigo, north west Spain, involved 350 students from 15 schools across the group – from schools in Spain, Italy, England, France and Portugal.

The aim of the event is to enjoy sport and games together, with friendly competition, and to make new friends and to experience a new culture. A number of sporting activities were split over three days, each team accruing points as they moved through the programme with their coach. Competitions were in age groups of Year 6 and 7 (Infantis), and Year 8 and 9 (Iniciados), and girls and boys played in their own teams. The teams were mixed from the different schools to embrace the Olympics fair-play ideal. Because the schools do not compete against each other, the children make true friends and new bonds during the tournament.

Each NACE Schools Olympic Games has its own unique programme and this tournament in Vigo included: Football, Athletics, Table Tennis, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Beach games and surfing, and traditional games such as tug of war, sack race, capture the flag. Competitions took place in the school grounds, at the university and at the beach and the event culminated with a formal presentation ceremony and show with dancing and singing.

Head of PE, Paulo Bitoque: “This unforgettable experience was highlighted by our pupils as one of the best experiences they ever had! Parents have been writing to us to tell us how much their children enjoyed it and how memorable it was for each of them. When the students were not involved in the games, they were enjoying the generous hospitality of their host families and many visited the beautiful city of Vigo, took part in activities, enjoyed family meals together. I would like to thank PE Teacher at O Castro British School, Mauro González, for his organisation and to the school for their hospitality and cultural tour for the staff. For me, the sign of a successful residential visit is when the students say on setting off for home, Can we stay another day?”

The 8th NACE Schools Olympic Games  will be hosted by Nobel International School Algarve in Summer 2020 and we look forward to sharing more information about this soon.