July 1, 2021

New Houses unveiled

The time has finally arrived to announce Nobel Algarve’s new Houses! We’re about to start a brand new chapter: after several years with our original Houses at the Lagoa campus, we’re excited to announce the winners of a landmark competition to find four brand new Houses, which will be used across both campuses and sections as of the next school year, starting September.

Over 200 entries were submitted in the competition to find and design the new houses and their names, mascots and mottos. Sixteen were shortlisted, and, after voting week was held last week, we can now proudly announce the four new Houses.

Our original houses were named after notable Portuguese personalities; poet Luís de Camões, explorer Vasco da Gama, royal dynasty House of Braganza, and acclaimed neurologist Egas Moniz.

This time the theme is ‘Animals Native to Portugal’, and the winners – picked from inspired entries as diverse as seahorses, octopus, salamanders and roosters – are: Chameleon, Eagle, Lynx and Wolf.

Congratulations to Maria Ikonnikova – Year 2 Almancil, who came up with the ‘confident and adaptable’ Chameleon; to Damiano Di Miceli– Year 5 Lagoa, for his ‘proud and determined’ Eagle entry; Deia Parker – 7ºB (National) for her ‘courageous and curious’ Lynx, and to Edward Tonge – Year 3 Almancil, for his ‘brave and collaborative’ Wolf idea.

All of next year’s students will be sorted into one of these four houses, marking a new phase in the school’s history. The house system aims to foster collaboration and teamwork among students, as well as encouraging healthy competition and personal relationships.

Congratulations to the authors of the winning houses and to everyone who entered the competition. Hence we give cool new colours to a traditional legacy.

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