April 22, 2021

New nature project launched at Nobel Algarve

Nobel Algarve teachers Isabel Poço, Teresa Reis and Rute Oliveira are developing an exciting new nature-based project called ‘Ask nature – She will answer you!’, within the scope of Sustainability in pre-school and primary school.

Children are invited to take walks in the countryside and observe nature and then explore how it can help them respond to challenges we face, such as lack of water, the need to save energy, and how to maintain comfortable temperatures in our homes without using unsustainable materials.

This project aims for students to learn from nature, as opposed to being taught about it, as is usually the norm.

The project is multidisciplinary, as students make their own interpretations of what they observed in field notebooks; they also learn design (the form and function) and the science involved.

This embryonic project is being developed by teachers Isabel Poço (Biology), Teresa Reis (Mathematics) and Rute Oliveira (Physics and Chemistry).

They say: “Children are our future and we want them to have critical thinking and the ability to solve problems and why not ask the ultimate nature expert, that which has been present on our planet for 3.8 billion years”.