August 21, 2019

Nobel Algarve Celebrates Record A Level Grades

It has been a week of celebration for students and teachers at Nobel International School Algarve as Year 13 students achieved success in their A Level results and turned their attention to exciting plans for higher education. A remarkable increase of A* to A grades from 18 per cent to 37 per cent of all grades achieved made this a record year at the school for top grades, exceeding the UK average of 25.5 per cent.

More than half of all entries achieved A* to B, whilst 75% of grades were at A* to C level. The overall pass rate of 98% exceeded the UK national average of 97.6% and subjects such as Biology, Maths, Portuguese and Chemistry increased their percentage pass rate from 2018 by an average of 20 per cent.

There have been outstanding achievements across a wide variety of subject areas, in particular for Art and Design with 100% of candidates achieving an A* or A equivalent grades, for Chemistry with 100% of candidates achieving A* to B grades, and for French, Sociology and Portuguese, where all students achieved A* to C grades.

Jasmine Wragg (A* A* A* A*) will study Biotechnology and Microbiology at York University, along with Lucas Lopes (A A A*) who will study Physics with Astrophysics at the same university, Cameron Dent (A* A* A A) will study Medicine at University College London and Anzhelika Akopyan (A* A* B ) will study Biotechnology at Manchester University. Business degrees have also proved a popular choice this year with students looking to European universities, such as Camila Bianchi (ABB) who will study International Affairs in Brussels, Alexander Rostovkiy (A* A A) who will study Business Management at Católica Lisbon, and Mihai Sofroni (A* BB) who will study Business Economics at Liverpool University. Congratulations to Freya Knight (AAB), too, who goes to Glasgow University to study Literature and Psychology.

Jasmine Wragg, who has been a student at the school for six years, said: “I am so grateful for the supportive teachers and great friends I’ve had while I’ve been here. Having great relationships with my teachers and the fact that they have always believed in me has really motivated me throughout all my studies. School hasn’t been easy; I’ve worked hard to juggle studying and my own life, too, but it has been a great support to have classmates who are going through the same situation. My teachers and close friends probably influenced my decision to take all of the sciences but I have always had an interest in ecology – as a member of the Eco Warriors group for most of my time here.

“I think that taking the Duke of Edinburgh Award is one of the best experiences I’ve had at school, even though it didn’t always feel like it at the time! The expedition was so tough and I’m not sure how our team coped so well, however it showed me how much I can do if I try. This helps when it comes to exams and to other parts of life. In the future I would like to do something that benefits people or the planet in some way and I´m excited to find out what that will turn out to be!”

“The school is celebrating all achievements of our hardworking students, a year group with so many excellent role models for their younger colleagues. We have seen this group of students actively involved with school life for many years and wish them well in the future. As well as the top headline grades, we also congratulate all of those students who worked hard to improve on their predicted grades and achieved the improvements they were hoping for.”
Head of International Section, Maria Tomé

Alexander Rostovskiy applied for an English-taught degree at Católica University, Lisbon. He said, “I have studied at Nobel Algarve since 2011 and being a student here has been an exciting experience which enabled me to gain an all-round development and an international mindset. I would sincerely like to thank the school staff who made it possible for me to perform well in my final exams and who influenced my career path aspirations. During my time at the school I got involved with numerous charity events and took part in the Toastmasters programme in 2017, which allowed Year 10 – 13 students to enhance their public speaking skills and confidence.”

Aspiring astrophysicist Lucas Lopes whose results won him an Academic Excellence scholarship at York University, said: “Going to Nobel Algarve was really a life-changing experience for me. Having done Primary School in the UK, I was then thrown into the Portuguese education system at local state schools and it didn´t work for me. I was held back for three years. When I arrived at Nobel International School, I was given a life line – the opportunity to try to do my IGCSEs in one year and, with the help of a very talented fellow mathematics student, a friend, and my teachers, I passed six subjects, which allowed me to progress to AS and A Levels. My lack of experience with Maths was unmatched compared to pretty much anyone else I have ever met, yet Mr Moran got me through AS and A Level and is the best teacher I have ever known. He is so good at explaining difficult concepts and I felt so lucky to be able to study Maths and Physics, which led me to the possibility of a future working in Astrophysics. In Summer 2018 I completed an Open University course in this subject and spent a week at Space School, Leicester University. The clear skies of Portugal were one of the factors that inspired me – it has always been an area of curiosity for me. I also managed to fit in my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award and am currently working towards my Gold. For me, doing this gave me confidence, leadership skills and involved me learning new skills. I cannot thank the school, my teachers and friends, enough – they were always available to help through the revision period and provided great support.”

A high proportion of the students this year have secured places at prestigious higher education institutions including UCL, York University, Glasgow University, Liverpool University, Manchester Universities and universities in Europe.