May 13, 2021

Nobel Algarve hosting virtual Globeducate Olympic Games

Globeducate Olympic Games, now in its ninth year, is this year being hosted by Nobel Algarve as a virtual event. Over a thousand students from around a dozen Globeducate schools around the globe are taking part in the competition, which this year features a Portgual Pentathlon, in honour of the host country, involving five disciplines: Standing Long Jump, Standing High Jump, Seated Chest Press, 10m shuttle run, and 1-minute distance run. The event began in 2012 and has been hosted by schools across the Globeducate network.

This sporting event would normally bring together students in large numbers from across the group, promoting health, physical wellbeing and sporting prowess. It also usually provides an opportunity for students to mix with others who speak other languages and who come from different cultures.

However, after being postponed last year due to the Covid pandemic, this year it is being hosted virtually. It is one of six key annual Globeducate events that promote a global perspective, foster multilingualism and character development and build a sense of community across the group’s schools.

Nobel Algarve has created a comprehensive virtual programme this year, to encourage competition and a sense of sporting community across the group, even if at a distance. We look forward to finding out who the winners are on Wednesday 9th June! This event takes place ahead of next year´s 10th Globeducate Olympic Games which will be hosted Nobel Algarve’s Lagoa campus.