November 10, 2020

Nobel Algarve students visit CERN – virtually!

After a physical school trip due to take place last month was cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic, sixteen Y12 and Y13 physics students enjoyed a virtual guided tour of CERN – the European Organisation for Nuclear Research; one of the world’s largest and most respected centres for scientific research.

Thanks to the magic of technology the students ‘hopped over’ to Switzerland for a couple of hours and attended a virtual conference from the comfort of Nobel Algarve’s library.

CERN kindly offered the online presentation hosted by an official guide after the physical guided tour was cancelled because of coronavirus, much to the students’ disappointment.

The students were first given a general presentation of CERN, covering its missions, organisational structure, technology and the big physics questions currently being addressed by the organisation. The guide also explained their role inside the Organisation.

Of course, the virtual tour didn’t fully replace a physical trip to Switzerland and guided tour of CERN, but the students were unanimous in agreeing that the presentation and interaction were useful and interesting.