January 14, 2021

Nobel Algarve welcomes new Deputy Head, Ms Abigail Lewis

Nobel Algarve is proud to announce the addition of a new member to its senior staff, with the appointment of Abigail Lewis BA (Hons) MCCT FRSA as Deputy Head, who joined us at the start of the year.

This is Ms Lewis’ first role outside of the UK despite having visited the Algarve frequently over the years.

With an extensive career in education, Ms Lewis joined the school’s management team two weeks ago at the start of second term, to assist Head of School Mr Mike Farrer, covering absences and bolstering managerial and pastoral duties.

Abigail is passionate about improving teaching and believes learning is fundamental to educational achievement and effectiveness.

She has successful experience of curriculum development, implementing and managing change, leading the improvement of teaching, and improving student behaviour; skills she looks forwards to transferring to Nobel Algarve to further enhance its esteemed reputation for excellence.

Respected by academies’ students and staff, Ms Lewis aims to lead by example and positive behaviour management, upholding her mantra, ‘what you walk past you condone’:

“It’s important to consistently expect impeccable behaviour of pupils and in that way, we develop students with strong values, good behaviour and self-discipline, equipping them to fulfil their potential in life and learning.

“I am a proponent of Lemov’s warm-strict approach with clear rules, consistently applied and reinforced – with love and clarity we do not have to lower our expectations of pupils, but we are inclusive, supporting them to raise their game, in whatever way is needed”, she says.