June 17, 2021

Nobel Algarve wins 6th Lagoa Municipal Youth Assembly

Well done to our 12º Ano students who led Nobel Algarve to victory in the 6th annual Municipal Youth Assembly, organised by Lagoa Council. With the support of economy teacher Lúcia Fonte and philosophy teacher Pedro Carvalho, Nobel Algarve’s team gave an exemplary winning intervention, conducted by student Henrique Nunes.

The assembly took place on June 9, at 2:30 pm, at Lagoa’s Cultural Centre Auditorium – São José Convent, in Lagoa. The initiative is promoted by the Municipal Assembly of Lagoa, in conjunction with the Council, within the scope of the 25 of April Celebrations. This year’s theme was ‘Lagoa – A Sustainable City’.

Three municipal school groups were involved, and the projects/proposals presented by the schools were outstanding. However, the overall winner with the most-voted project/proposal was “Lagoa for All”, by Nobel Algarve’s team, with 15 votes in favor. The next phase will be the implementation of the winning proposal, by Lagoa Council, with its execution being monitored by the proponents.

In a statement, Lagoa Council said: “We are immensely proud of our young people and their exercise of active citizenship, which guarantees the strengthening and deepening of our local democracy”.

Francisco Claro, head of Nobel Algarve’s National Section, said the initiative is of “great importance for youths”, and their participation in such events “is significant not only for their academic paths, but, mainly, for the evolution of their skills and social responsibilities”.

“The active and positive participation of the youngsters in these types of events fosters a more assertive awareness of the world in which we live, which means, in future, they will be actively and prominently involved in the construction of a fairer, more charitable and sustainable society”.

Teachers Pedro Carvalho and Lúcia Fonte thanked all the students involved and Lagoa Council for the invitation.

“We hope that future editions see an increasingly active, creative and conscious participation by all our students”, they commented.