March 11, 2020

Nobel Algarve Year 13 University Offers Reveal Diverse Interests

We are pleased to say that Year 13 students applying to UK universities all successfully met their UCAS January 15th application deadline earlier this year and are already beginning to receive offers from a choice of excellent universities in the UK. Reflecting our truly international student population, some of our students have received offers from universities in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Holland. Students now have the important task of making their choices and then focusing efforts on the final stages in their learning and examinations.

Offers from the UK have included: Bristol University, Warwick University, Brunel, University of Bath, University of Brighton, Aston University, De Montfort University and Manchester Metropolitan University – for courses as wide ranging as Performing Arts and Business Management to Biology and Design Engineering, Product Design and Biological Sciences.

From international universities such as Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in Spain, one student has had an offer for a degree in Hospitality and Business, whilst another has the opportunity to study Hospitality Management at Switzerland´s Glion Institute of Higher Education.

Another student has had an offer to study Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Twente, in Holland, and we have a number of students with offers from Catolica University in Lisbon.

Head of Sixth Form (Year 12 -13) David Green said: “Before Christmas Year 13 students were working hard writing their personal statements and university applications to meet tight deadlines. It is very rewarding to see that the students hard work is now paying off, with offers being received from some excellent universities and diverse courses from across Europe. Unifrog, a programme that we introduced in September, is a university search tool and has proven to be invaluable, helping students research a diverse range of courses as well as helping them to craft the perfect personal statement as part of their applications.”