February 5, 2018

Nobel International Algarve National Section Ranks in Top 20 in Portugal

Nobel International School Algarve National Section celebrates a significant improvement in average examination results this year, ranking 15th in the country for Success Path Indicator.

The new indicator assessment comes officially from the Ministry of Education and evaluates a school´s average success rate with individual pupil journeys from the point of entry to graduation at the age of 18. This is the first year that Portugal has evaluated this statistic and reported on it.

In addition, the school has achieved the top ranking position for the Faro district for average examination results, which is a significant improvement on 2016.

Diretor of National Section Francisco Claro, said: “As well as the hard work invested by our dedicated teachers we can attribute some of this success to changes we have made to our educational policy during the last three years. For example, students have been taught in streamed ability levels in key subjects and our internal monitoring has shown this to have very positive impacts on learning. My heartfelt congratulations go to our teachers and pupils and let´s keep on improving!