December 10, 2020

Nobel Lagoa Head Students take posts

Nobel Algarve Lagoa Campus students Noah Sá Fernandes, from international section Year 13, and Inês Duarte, from the national section’s 12º Ano have been appointed Head Boy and Student Representative, respectively, for the 2020/21 school year.

The roles will involve representing the student body in weekly meetings with head of School Mr. Mike Farrer, and at national and sometimes international level, discussing topics relevant to the student campus in counterpart pedagogical committees.

With a position of this nature comes significant responsibility and calls on keen leadership skills, a flair for public speaking and interest in defending social responsibilities.

Head students are often seen as role models for the whole school and taking on such positions requires the candidates be focussed as well as bringing people together.

Prominent topics that could be on the agenda for the immediate future include after-school activities and school nutrition.

Student representative Inês Duarte, 17, has been at Nobel Algarve since 5º Ano and is now in her final year. She has successful experience in the role as this is her second year as Student Representative.

Noah Sá Fernandes, also 17, aspires to a career in finance, like investment banking. He has been at Nobel Algarve for six years and has a love of maths and common causes that bring people together.

He sees the position of Head Boy as an opportunity to hone his guidance skills but one that will also put him in good stead for a high-pressure, fast-paced career.