March 30, 2021

Reading in the spotlight

Here at Nobel Algarve we love to encourage reading and stimulate imagination and learning through literature, and we strive to come up with new ways to make reading exciting. Not only at a school level but also at a Globeducate group level. Because as the famous British novelist Roald Dahl once said: “If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books”.

A few great examples are the ‘Reading with a View’ initiative, which aims to get students to take their favourite books outdoors; the Globeducate Poetry Slam, poetry recitals to mark World Poetry Day, and Parental Involvement, where parents read to their children’s class – online.

All of these initiatives have been designed to make reading a fun and engaging activity, and have been well received, with great uptake and feedback from teachers, parents and students.

Since last Summer, two ‘Reading with a View’ challenges have been held, where we’ve asked students to send us pictures of them reading their favourite books in unusual and inspirational outdoor spots. The response was fantastic. From reading in dinghies in pools to treetops and on horseback, our students rose to the challenge and smashed it!

Globeducate’s Poetry Slam was also a huge success and all of Nobel Algarve’s students are to be congratulated on their participation. Globeducate Poetry Slam aims to mark World Poetry Day on the 21st of March. Students in all of the Globeducate group’s schools rehearsed and presented their favourite poem via film links to their teachers, and Nobel Algarve’s pupils were among the finest.

Let’s all keep up these great efforts so reading can always be fun and enjoyable.