June 26, 2018

Success at Regional Skating Finals

Skaters from Nobel International School took part in the regional skating final of School Sports, a test held at the Júlio Dantas School in Lagos on 14th June.

Coach, Hugo Pausinho said: “The team achieved excellent results with many regional champions and runners up taking awards. The students gave excellent performances in all aspects: commitment, dedication, behaviour, fair play and team spirit. The results achieved were very good, but above and beyond this, the students gained the experience of competing with other schools in the Algarve.

“To all our students, many congratulations and thank you all for your effort and commitment in representing our school.”

Skating is a very popular sport at Nobel International School Algarve and we are delighted that Maria Beatriz Santos was selected to represent the Algarve region in the National End of School Sport (skating mode). This year the competition will take place in Braga between June 27th and 2nd July.


Joana Silva – Regional champion in the children’s A level;

Cian Cascão – Regional vice-champion in the children’s A-level;

Isabel Araújo – Regional runner-up in the Infantis B women squad;

Matilde Lima – 3rd place in the women’s B level;

Maria Beatriz Santos – Regional runner-up in Women’s Initiative


Carlota Machado, Leonor Vieira and Joana Silva – Regional vice-champions in the Junior rank in the proof of persecution messages;

Carlota Machado, Isabel Araújo and Maria Beatriz Santos – 3rd place in the ranks of female initiates in roller hockey;

Matilde Lima, Isabel Araújo and Maria Beatriz Santos – 3rd place in the ranking of female initiates in the proof of persecution messages;