April 17, 2018

Two-Day Science Fair for Toddlers to Teenagers for Nobel International School Algarve

Scientists from national and international sections, pre-school, primary and senior joined with teachers for the annual two-day Nobel International School Science Fair at the end of March, with the theme of Discovering Animals, inspired by Albert Einstein´s quote, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

The fair, in its 11 th year, brings the entire science community together and provides an opportunity for 27 senior scientists from 10º ano – 12º ano (national) and Year 12 (international) to work as Science Monitors for the two-day event, presenting experiments to younger students and helping teachers to design engaging and creative spectacles!

Andreia Rodrigues, science teacher and co-organiser, said: “In presenting these experiments our students were determined to be creative in order to engage their audience  and this allowed them to develop communication skills in the fields of science and in languages: Portuguese and English, in a growth mindset environment.”

Science Teacher Rute Oliviera, co-organiser of the event, who also has a YouTube science channel of her own, for pupils, said: “In total, 200 experiments were on show over the two days, all designed to educate the whole school about animal life on planet Earth. Topics of experiments included: camouflage, adaptations, feeding, shapes of animals, the colour of animals, reproduction, pollution and humankind. The motivation is to show how chemistry, biology and physics all play their part in the natural world.”

The Nobel International School Algarve science fair started more than 10 years ago in Laboratory 1, with only two students presenting to our pre-school and primary school. Since then it grew into a two-day event that brings everyone in the school together. All science teachers are invited to coordinate a class to deliver an experiment.

Enzo Fielding, Year 3 International, said:  “I liked using the microscope because you can see so much detail that you can´t see with your own eye! I learnt things about animals, such as that the smallest whale is in fact very long – we saw how long it is with rope. Another thing I did was put my hand in ice, and it was freezing – then I put my hand in a plastic bag with fat around it and put the ice in to see how it felt to be a polar bear in the ice!”

Isabele Ferreira, Year 12, studies Chemistry at A Level and said: “I loved taking part in the science fair because I enjoy teaching other students about the amazing facts of the animal world and the wonders of science.”