April 15, 2021

‘We Listen’ campaign introduced to support students

A new campaign to support students’ wellbeing through listening and personal support is being rolled out at Nobel Algarve.

The ‘We Listen!’ campaign is designed to help children ease back into school following prolonged absences.

“We know returning to school after long absences can be an anxious experience for some children, and we are acutely aware all our students experienced lockdown differently, so we feel it is important for them to feel school is a happy, safe environment.

“We want our students to know we are here for them, to listen and to support them. Not just academically, but personally and holistically”, explains Abigail Lewis, deputy-head of Nobel Algarve, who introduced the homegrown initiative after experiencing the success of similar campaigns in other schools.

Besides “really reaffirming the supportive environment” provided by Nobel Algarve, the ‘We Listen!’ campaign aims to safeguard mental health by allowing children to talk about their feelings.

It was launched as the school also marks Child Abuse Prevention Month, to raise awareness among the community about the importance of identifying and preventing child abuse, by guiding families towards positive parenting and community involvement.

Students are being made aware of the campaign through ‘We Listen!’ assemblies and teachers, who are trained in active listening for children as part of the initiative, are identified with ‘We Listen!’ badges.

“We feel this campaign is an invaluable asset for the school and particularly timely as children return from lockdown”, Ms. Lewis concludes.