May 11, 2021

Year 11 student scoops second prize in Harvard Crimson Global Essay Competition

Nobel Algarve is delighted to announce that Year 11 student Sofia Klonis Casanova has won a coveted prize in the Harvard Crimson Global Essay Competition. The Harvard Crimson Global Essay Competition provides a platform for young, ambitious high school students to exercise their writing skills in a non-traditional environment.

Sofia took second place in the Essay Comp 2021 Creative Category, winning a cash prize and a mentorship credit. The challenge set for participants was for them to pick their favourite song lyric or quote and write about it. Sofia chose to explore the quote “I don’t want to waste my time, become another casualty of society” from the song ‘Fatlip’ by Canadian rock band Sum 41. Her interpretation of the line resulted in a short but gripping short story set in a dystopian orphanage in 2040, where children are subjected to ‘Reboot Tuesdays’ from which heroine Nella plans to escape.

“A wave of adolescents with frowns on their faces and filthy pale-blue uniforms headed toward the laboratory to stand in line for hours waiting for their reboot. And to what end? That was just it, nobody knew. What happened behind the thick steel doors of the Reboot Room was unknown to everybody in the premises, including the houseworkers. Nobody seemed to be concerned nor showed any interest in unearthing the reason why they were prompted into walking through those doors every Tuesday at dawn”, an excerpt from the fascinating essay reads.

Congratulations, Sofia!  We are always very proud to celebrate our students’ achievements.

Read Sofia’s full submission: