August 12, 2021

Great Results for International Students at Nobel Algarve

Nobel Algarve is so proud of its graduating Year 13 students who showed dedication and determination to achieve impressive A-Level results and this is perhaps even more remarkable this year, as unlike the UK, most students in international settings sat external examinations as usual.

The school is delighted to announce that 16% of its international section Year 13s attained A*s in their A-Level results, with a further 38% going on to achieve A to A*.

More than half – an impressive 52% – of Year 13s attained A* to B grades and 75% A* to C.

Overall, Nobel Algarve had a 96% A Level pass rate, which is exceptional. Our students continue to achieve strong results in Maths and this year also did notably well in French and History.

As a result of their A Level success, many of our leavers are now heading to top European universities, such as Durham University and Portugal’s Catolica.

Among them are some of this year’s outstanding achievers, including Nobel Algarve Head Boy, Noah Sá Fernandes, who attained A* in Business and Mathematics and an A in Geography. He is on his way to study International Economics and Finance at the renowned Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, one of Europe’s best business schools.

Noah has been at Nobel Algarve since Year 9. During his time here he created an extra-curricular finance club where he taught younger students the ins-and-outs of stock markets and shares. During the lockdowns, when schools went online, Noah also conducted online presentations to younger students about applying to top universities through his own experience.

Noah’s proud parents said his exceptional achievements are a result of his hard work as well as Nobel Algarve’s “excellent preparation of students”.

“We are very proud of Noah”, they said, acknowledging his hard work as well as “the school’s excellent work in guiding the young women and men to study and prepare for years to come ahead”.

They said a “special thank you to all the teachers, who did a great job in teaching the students” and gave “A special mention and thank you as well to Mr Green and Mr Harris, who certainly left their mark on Noah’s school life and education”.

Adrien Nagel, Winner of the Globeducate Student Roll of Honour, achieved four A*s in Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

Deputy Head Boy, Adrien, has also been at Nobel Algarve since Year 9 and was ever popular among his peers due to his friendly and approachable manner.

His four A* are a brilliant achievement and he is currently taking time to study his options for university next year.

Manuela Marcondes also achieved fantastic results with an A* in History and English Literature and an A in Portuguese. Described as a determined and dedicated student, she is now heading to Leeds University to study politics.

David Green, Head of Secondary commented on their achievements, saying: “I am delighted with the number of students who have managed to gain places at their desired first choice universities.

Their hard work and determination have paid off in these trying times. A big congratulations to all! We are very proud of you here at Nobel Algarve”.

The resilience with which both students and staff have faced the challenges thrown up over the past school year, coupled with a safe, secure and happy school environment, has proven to be a winning formula.

IGCSE results were similarly strong, with 15% achieving A*, 38% A* to A, 58% A* to B, and 80% A* to C.  The top-performing subjects were Physics (44% A*), French (33% A*) and English Literature and Chemistry (27% A*).

These were external exams as unlike in schools in the UK, students were obliged to sit exams as normal, often in the most challenging of circumstances.

Special mentions go to Year 11 iGCSE students Michael de Sousa for achieving nine Grade A* in his exams; to Sophia Klonis, for seven Grade A*s, and to Ingo Fenyo Gallego, for four Grade A*s and three Grade As and Rafael Silva who achieved four A*s and four Grade As as well as an A-Level A grade in Portuguese.

This is particularly remarkable given that on more than one occasion students had to make the snap transition from in-school to online learning, which also pays testament to the efforts and quality of the teaching and procedures in place.

Head of School Abigail Lewis added: “I am so proud of our young people and their achievements.

With a mix of external examinations sat this summer and rigorously secured Teacher Assessed Grades, the results our students have achieved at Nobel Algarve is exceptional with 16% of all A-Level grades awarded the highest grade of A* and 50% of our AS results at the highest grade, A. This enables our Year 13 students to progress to study at prestigious universities across Europe including London, Durham, Lisbon, Maastricht, Amsterdam and Geneva.

Their success is a testament to our students, their parents and our dedicated staff and I wish our Year 13 students every success in the future as they leave Nobel Algarve ready to Shape the World.”

We can’t wait for next year, for the continued success of our new Year 13s, and to see how well our year’s leavers do in the next chapter of their lives.

We’re sure they’ll do brilliantly, and we wish them all the very best.